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Sports betting: an exhilarating challenge

Sports betting p>Sports betting then enjoyed a remarkable boom in ancient Rome as it was offered on chariot races or gladiatorial battles, which were extremely frequent as emperors promised the people "panem and circenses", in other words "bread and games". In the Middle Ages, sports betting continued to develop during archery or sword tournaments and then during the following centuries through the game of palm or cricket. Until then, the gain was rarely monetary.

From the 18th century onwards, the situation changed and earning money became the objective. In the 19th century, sports betting but also horse betting exploded, especially for members of high society who were passionate about sports and racing. From the second half of the 20th century, sports betting became more democratic as sports competitions were opened to the general public via their broadcasting on television and then on the Internet.

Today, many sports betting operators are available online and offer a wide range of sports disciplines for those who want to make money with good prognoses. However, in order to get a good start in the world of online sports betting, it is better to respect a few simple rules. Here are some tips of pure wisdom to start or continue your gambling activity.

Choosing the right bookmaker online

Because many bookmakers offer online sports betting, the priority for those who want to make predictions is to choose the right platform to play. Of course, it is not advisable to rely only on the results of search engines since the best referenced are not necessarily the most interesting or even the most reliable - especially if their appearance is sponsored. The experts at topbettingwebsites.co.uk have gathered for you the best betting sites for UK players on the internet right now. They have detailed reviews and great bonuses, so go check them out.

Yes, not all bookmakers are equal and some offer much more interesting offers than others for players. Also, in order to choose your bookmaker, various criteria must be taken into account:

  • The holding of an official license. This is the priority criterion since it is not advisable to play from an illegal platform since it can quite easily block your potential deposits
  • The offer of games. Before registering on a bookmaker, make sure that his sports betting offer includes the sports disciplines you want to bet on but also the competitions you know best.
  • The recommendations of the other players. Although some bookmakers cheat by posting false opinions, the comments and recommendations of other bettors are often a good way to select a reliable and serious bookmaker.
  • Bonuses offered to new players. Whatever your profile, it is interesting to include in your thinking the bonuses you can enjoy by creating an account with this or that bookmaker. Whether it's cash to play or free bets, everything is good to take...
  • The attractiveness of the odds. Beginners sometimes have some difficulty in taking this criterion into account due to a lack of knowledge. Also, don't hesitate to consult bookmaker comparisons to see which ones offer the best odds. This is essential since the higher the odds, the higher your expectation of earnings will be.
  • The protection of personal data. Your data is essential and everything must be done to protect it. Therefore, take care to choose a bookmaker who guarantees their safety at all times.

It is now up to you to select the bookmaker who best suits your expectations and desires - and we can only suggest that you choose from our selection of duly verified sports betting sites.

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Win Money at Odds by Playing Smart

Win Money at Odds by Playing Smart

Often it pays to bet online, we show you how to win money by playing smart. It is quite possible to earn a solid income or even live as a professional odds player.


The latter is of course very demanding and is not recommended unless you can show very good results over a long period of time, and that you have set aside a lot of money both for personal expenses and for efforts. You must take into account that you may periodically suffer bad luck and lose a lot of money, so do not underestimate how much capital you need for this.

Choose the right Bookmaker

The most important thing is to choose the right bookmaker (odds page). In our Oddsguide we looked at the payout percentages of the various bookmakers and we concluded that tipping does not offer high enough odds that you can make money. The best odds are on Coolbet so we recommend that you place the majority of your bets there.

It's a good idea to play with more than one bookie. Then you have a greater chance of finding value bets. If you are going to take the oddstipping seriously, you also need to make sure you take advantage of all the odds bonuses you receive on the first deposit as there is a lot of money to be made on them. You get the best bonus on the first deposit at Unibet, which gives you good conditions to win money at odds.

Value Game

A value game is simply a profitable game. To determine whether a bet is profitable, you must analyze all available information and determine if the probability of a bet is higher than the odds offered by the bookmaker.

Win money on Odds by Accounting

Use an Excel sheet to keep a record of your games. If you want to make money on your hobby long term then it is important to keep up with the development. In order for there to be any points in this exercise you have to list all the games, without exception. If the development over time is not positive then you have to re-evaluate what you are doing.

Stay for your Strategy

Don't listen to any tips you get from friends and acquaintances. Ole-Jonny at work that wins "every time" is not guaranteed to win every time. Most boast of profits and say nothing about their losses. Do your own analysis and trust yourself. At the same time, make sure that you are honest with yourself and have an open mind. What can you do better? There is always something you can do better so take some time to think through this.

Game for the right amount

You won't make money from long-term odds if you don't stick to a budget. Set aside a budget for odd-betting and stick to it. Only spend a small portion of your budget on some games. It can be tempting to put everything into a match you feel confident in, but as they say, "the ball is round".

If you routinely bet everything on a single match then you will surely lose everything in the end. How much you can bet on each game depends on your tolerance for risk, odds and how good the value bet is. This is something you will understand over time, but as a start we would recommend not investing more than 1% of your budget on a single game. Professional players need to be much more conservative and have to make risk of ruin calculations.

Don't born on Loss

Don't be frustrated if you lose several times in a row. This is what happens and is expected. Also, the higher the odds you play the greater the chance of you losing. The mental state that many people end up with after many losses is called tilt and does not lead well. Win and lose with the same mind and you will have a good starting point. If you think that you're a problem gambler there are companies, such as Gambling Therapy, which provides online help.

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Value Bets in Tipping

Value Bets in Tipping

What is a Value Game?

A value game in tipping is simply a bet with positive expectancy value. If you can repeat the bet infinitely many times then you will make money. By definition, you would make endless amount of money if you could place endless many value bets in tipping.

Examples of value games:

  • Kroner / coin with more than 2.0 in odds.
  • 3-way stone, scissors, paper with more than 3/1 in odds.
  • 4-way high card with more than 4.0 in odds.

It's easy to see that the games above are value games. We know we have a 50% chance of winning a crown / coin so we will always play this game if we get more than 2.0 in odds. We know there is a 1/3 chance of winning in stone, scissors, paper so we will always play this game if we get more than 3/1 in the odds 3 way.

Value Betting in Sports Betting

It is also possible to find value bets in sports betting. It is not as easy as in the examples above, but it is quite possible. If it had been so easy then everyone would have played value games and the bookmakers had gone bankrupt. As we said before: you have to play smart to win money in the long run.

Value bets in sports betting occur when new information is available in the market. It is then about being quick to place bets before the bookmakers are able to respond.

When team lineups are published, it is often possible to find value bets. If a team posts a weaker squad than expected, you can bet on the opponent before the bookmaker can put down the odds on the opponent.

Value games require focus and planning. You must already have money in your gaming account and you must be ready to place bets at very short notice. When gambling odds arise, you rarely have more than 10 minutes to take advantage of the odds. Sometimes the bookie goes slow and you can get half an hour on it, but it is rare.

Extra Value

You will make extra money on value bets if you take advantage of the welcome bonuses offered by the bookmakers. Make sure you always get the maximum bonus and fulfill the wagering requirement by playing only value games.

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A Guide to Golf Betting for Beginners

A Guide to Golf Betting for Beginners

Golf er ikke akkurat den mest morsomme og spennende sporten å se på. Men for folk som forstår spillet, handler det om strategi og utholdenhet.

If you are unfamiliar with this sport, you will not appreciate watching men and women walking around in the grass as they take turns hitting balls with a metal stick. Those who have been watching this sport for a while, however, will greatly appreciate the skills required to play it, and how a player will overcome and succeed in any challenge.

An exciting development in sports enjoyment is the opportunity to bet. If you are just beginning to understand the complexities of golf, the location of bets can help increase interest in learning and navigating the world that only a few people have a clue about.

How to bet on golf and different types of golf bets?

Golf is a unique sport, unlike others you may have bet on in the past. Although there is something relatively new to betting on golf, there are a large amount of betting sites with golf odds, and golf betting has also become a lucrative chance to make money. These are the different types of golf games you will find on most gaming platforms:

  • Win bets. This is the easiest and most popular type of golf bet. You will bet your money on the golfer who you think is most likely to win the round.

  • Versus the Field odds. This type of bet happens in later rounds when there is already a clear favorite among all golfers. But instead of betting on the favorite, you will bet on any other player who will win instead of the favorite.

  • Head to Head Matchup. If you have an excellent way of predicting how golfers should perform in a game, these types of odds may be worth a try. The betting shop will select two players to compete one-on-one, and you will bet on who will win the other golfer. There are one-on-one matches for each round and for the entire tournament.

  • Futures bet. Futures bets are popular through various sporting events. What you are betting on are the odds of a golfer winning a particular golf tournament, for example, the FedEx Cup

  • Prop Bet. Prop bet involves betting on the likelihood of an event happening during a competition or round. Prop bets can range from fun to unusual and even strange. There are no real skills that have anything to do with this type of bet, as it only depends on chance.

  • Live odds. Real-time or in-play betting has also become quite popular in golf. As a bet, you can analyze trends and predict what is happening in real time. For example, after a golfer finishes the 12th round, you can bet how you think things will go for this player at the next hole.

The wide selection of golf bets makes it even more exciting to participate. Golf betting is not just about betting your money on who wins, but choosing a style of play that can give you the best reward. It is a big part of the experience and excitement.

How to choose the best value when looking at odds?

Online golf betting is all about strategy. You must ensure that the money you deposit is not wasted. The following are some tips to make sure you pick the best value odds.

  • Analyze the golf course and the predicted conditions. Every golf course is played differently and some golfers tend to do better on one type of grass than another. Both course length, terrain types and course design count when categorizing a golf course. You must be familiar with how a type of course used in the tournament will affect the player's performance.

  • Choose a performer who will do well in the expected environment. There is no missing information on player stats, such as length of strokes. Even the most obscure statistical data can help determine the best odds for some style of play.

  • Examine the current form of the selected golfer. In any sport, consistency is equal to success. A golfer who finishes in the top twenty or top ten of each tournament is worth watching. If you want to succeed in golf betting, it is equally important to note a golfer's place in the tournament as well as his wins.

  • Examine the golfer's past performance. The golfer's story will be the starting point to determine whether betting your bet on this particular player is worth a try. The past performance of a performer will give you specific data on the statistical chances of the same player thriving in the competition.

Like other sports that are popular on betting sites, there are situations when golf odds can be frustrating. There may be instances when you have been betting for weeks, but have not received any positive returns. Golf is unique because it can become a new favorite in every round and every few minutes. What still encourages the bettors to come back is that, when you finally get the chance to win, the return is more than enough to cover past losses, as well as make substantial profits for future bets.

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