Value Bets in Tipping

Value Bets in Tipping

What is a Value Game?

A value game in tipping is simply a bet with positive expectancy value. If you can repeat the bet infinitely many times then you will make money. By definition, you would make endless amount of money if you could place endless many value bets in tipping.

Examples of value games:

  • Kroner / coin with more than 2.0 in odds.
  • 3-way stone, scissors, paper with more than 3/1 in odds.
  • 4-way high card with more than 4.0 in odds.

It's easy to see that the games above are value games. We know we have a 50% chance of winning a crown / coin so we will always play this game if we get more than 2.0 in odds. We know there is a 1/3 chance of winning in stone, scissors, paper so we will always play this game if we get more than 3/1 in the odds 3 way.

Value Betting in Sports Betting

It is also possible to find value bets in sports betting. It is not as easy as in the examples above, but it is quite possible. If it had been so easy then everyone would have played value games and the bookmakers had gone bankrupt. As we said before: you have to play smart to win money in the long run.

Value bets in sports betting occur when new information is available in the market. It is then about being quick to place bets before the bookmakers are able to respond.

When team lineups are published, it is often possible to find value bets. If a team posts a weaker squad than expected, you can bet on the opponent before the bookmaker can put down the odds on the opponent.

Value games require focus and planning. You must already have money in your gaming account and you must be ready to place bets at very short notice. When gambling odds arise, you rarely have more than 10 minutes to take advantage of the odds. Sometimes the bookie goes slow and you can get half an hour on it, but it is rare.

Extra Value

You will make extra money on value bets if you take advantage of the welcome bonuses offered by the bookmakers. Make sure you always get the maximum bonus and fulfill the wagering requirement by playing only value games.