Sports betting: an exhilarating challenge

Sports betting

Sports betting then enjoyed a remarkable boom in ancient Rome as it was offered on chariot races or gladiatorial battles, which were extremely frequent as emperors promised the people "panem and circenses", in other words "bread and games". In the Middle Ages, sports betting continued to develop during archery or sword tournaments and then during the following centuries through the game of palm or cricket. Until then, the gain was rarely monetary.

From the 18th century onwards, the situation changed and earning money became the objective. In the 19th century, sports betting but also horse betting exploded, especially for members of high society who were passionate about sports and racing. From the second half of the 20th century, sports betting became more democratic as sports competitions were opened to the general public via their broadcasting on television and then on the Internet.

Today, many sports betting operators are available online and offer a wide range of sports disciplines for those who want to make money with good prognoses. However, in order to get a good start in the world of online sports betting, it is better to respect a few simple rules. Here are some tips of pure wisdom to start or continue your gambling activity.

Choosing the right bookmaker online

Because many bookmakers offer online sports betting, the priority for those who want to make predictions is to choose the right platform to play. Of course, it is not advisable to rely only on the results of search engines since the best referenced are not necessarily the most interesting or even the most reliable - especially if their appearance is sponsored. The experts at have gathered for you the best betting sites for UK players on the internet right now. They have detailed reviews and great bonuses, so go check them out.

Yes, not all bookmakers are equal and some offer much more interesting offers than others for players. Also, in order to choose your bookmaker, various criteria must be taken into account:

  • The holding of an official license. This is the priority criterion since it is not advisable to play from an illegal platform since it can quite easily block your potential deposits
  • The offer of games. Before registering on a bookmaker, make sure that his sports betting offer includes the sports disciplines you want to bet on but also the competitions you know best.
  • The recommendations of the other players. Although some bookmakers cheat by posting false opinions, the comments and recommendations of other bettors are often a good way to select a reliable and serious bookmaker.
  • Bonuses offered to new players. Whatever your profile, it is interesting to include in your thinking the bonuses you can enjoy by creating an account with this or that bookmaker. Whether it's cash to play or free bets, everything is good to take...
  • The attractiveness of the odds. Beginners sometimes have some difficulty in taking this criterion into account due to a lack of knowledge. Also, don't hesitate to consult bookmaker comparisons to see which ones offer the best odds. This is essential since the higher the odds, the higher your expectation of earnings will be.
  • The protection of personal data. Your data is essential and everything must be done to protect it. Therefore, take care to choose a bookmaker who guarantees their safety at all times.

It is now up to you to select the bookmaker who best suits your expectations and desires - and we can only suggest that you choose from our selection of duly verified sports betting sites.

Properly analyze upcoming sports events

If scratch cards let chance decide your destiny, this is not the case for sports betting.

Also, before taking any bet with a bookmaker, it is essential to analyze the sports events and see which ones can allow you to pocket money. To do this, it is strongly recommended to consult the specialized newspapers (talkSport, SkySports, Eurosport, etc...), the clubs' websites and more generally to follow the news.

Indeed, if you want to bet on a sporting event before the match, it may be good to know the composition of the two teams. It would be a shame to lose a bet simply because you didn't take care to note that a team was making a "dead end" by lining up a "bis" team. Specialized forums or the advice of football experts can also help you make the right bets, but never lose sight of the fact that a bet is not only a chance to win but also a risk of losing.