Win Money at Odds by Playing Smart

Win Money at Odds by Playing Smart

Often it pays to bet online, we show you how to win money by playing smart. It is quite possible to earn a solid income or even live as a professional odds player.


The latter is of course very demanding and is not recommended unless you can show very good results over a long period of time, and that you have set aside a lot of money both for personal expenses and for efforts. You must take into account that you may periodically suffer bad luck and lose a lot of money, so do not underestimate how much capital you need for this.

Choose the right Bookmaker

The most important thing is to choose the right bookmaker (odds page). In our Oddsguide we looked at the payout percentages of the various bookmakers and we concluded that tipping does not offer high enough odds that you can make money. The best odds are on Coolbet so we recommend that you place the majority of your bets there.

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It's a good idea to play with more than one bookie. Then you have a greater chance of finding value bets. If you are going to take the oddstipping seriously, you also need to make sure you take advantage of all the odds bonuses you receive on the first deposit as there is a lot of money to be made on them. You get the best bonus on the first deposit at Unibet, which gives you good conditions to win money at odds.

Value Game

A value game is simply a profitable game. To determine whether a bet is profitable, you must analyze all available information and determine if the probability of a bet is higher than the odds offered by the bookmaker.

Win money on Odds by Accounting

Use an Excel sheet to keep a record of your games. If you want to make money on your hobby long term then it is important to keep up with the development. In order for there to be any points in this exercise you have to list all the games, without exception. If the development over time is not positive then you have to re-evaluate what you are doing.

Stay for your Strategy

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Don't listen to any tips you get from friends and acquaintances. Ole-Jonny at work that wins "every time" is not guaranteed to win every time. Most boast of profits and say nothing about their losses. Do your own analysis and trust yourself. At the same time, make sure that you are honest with yourself and have an open mind. What can you do better? There is always something you can do better so take some time to think through this.

Game for the right amount

You won't make money from long-term odds if you don't stick to a budget. Set aside a budget for odd-betting and stick to it. Only spend a small portion of your budget on some games. It can be tempting to put everything into a match you feel confident in, but as they say, "the ball is round".

If you routinely bet everything on a single match then you will surely lose everything in the end. How much you can bet on each game depends on your tolerance for risk, odds and how good the value bet is. This is something you will understand over time, but as a start we would recommend not investing more than 1% of your budget on a single game. Professional players need to be much more conservative and have to make risk of ruin calculations.

Don't born on Loss

Don't be frustrated if you lose several times in a row. This is what happens and is expected. Also, the higher the odds you play the greater the chance of you losing. The mental state that many people end up with after many losses is called tilt and does not lead well. Win and lose with the same mind and you will have a good starting point. If you think that you're a problem gambler there are companies, such as Gambling Therapy, which provides online help.